Unchain Lacing System is easy to install. Just take the few minutes to fine tune this installation in order to reap all its benefits. Thus you won’t have to come back to it.

The few minutes devoted to this installation will give you a perfect foothold and comfort and will be more than compensated. After that, you will never have to do, undo or redo knots on your shoes and you will now have a "customized" shoe.

Watch the tuto:

Installation 1

Start by sliding the MemoryLace in the first eyelets of the shoe. The Centerpod allows easy centering.

Installation 2

Insert the Memory Lace through each eyelet like a classic lace, but without twisting it or tightening it.

Installation 3

Put on your shoes.

Adjustment 1

Starting from the bottom, adjust the setting between each pair of eyelets, being careful not to create any pressure on the top of the foot.

Adjustment 2

Before placing the BlocKnot, make a dozen steps and small jumps to finish the adjustment.

Setting 3 

Control and adjust if necessary the Memory Lace as in step 4. 

Assembly BlockKnot 1

Pass the two tips of the Memory Lace in the two outer openings of the BlocKnot.

Mounting BlockKnot 2 

Pull gently, to centre it.

 Blocknot Assembly 3

Continue through the two top openings and then through the two oval bottom openings.

Blocknot Assembly 4

The Memory Lace must protrude 2cm from the BlockKnot.

Then cut the excess in bevel, to facilitate a possible assembly / disassembly.


Free! That's it! Forget the knots: slip on and off instantly! 


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