Unchain Lacing System : The Testimonials

Experts, champions, or everyday athletes tell you why they chose Unchain Lacing System

 Sébastien Chaigneau

Ultra-trailer, technical advisor in sports products

Why do I use Unchain Lacing System?

This is the lacing system that I have been using for more than 4 years, starting with its first prototypes. It is now perfectly well tested and refined and is part of my daily life. It holds my foot perfectly on all terrain and without constriction, regardless of the race distance or weather conditions. Unchain Lacing System is made of ultra-resistant silicone and its micrometric adjustment is reliable and super comfortable. This is by far the best system for lacing sports shoes.

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Winner of dozens of races such as the Mount Fuji Ultra-Trail or the TransGranCanaria, Sébastien Chaigneau is also HardRoc's record holder, and was second at the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (12 participations). He is one of the great figures of the ultra-trail world. From his initial scientific training, he has kept the curiosity and the thirst for understanding, both valuable qualities to think about improvements to the equipment of athletes. Nature lover, he campaigns daily for a sport practice respectful of the mountain, and loves to share his passion

 William Mennesson

Triathlon Champion, perfectionist

Why do I use Unchain Lacing System?

A little skeptical at first sight, they have never left my shoes since I installed them and I will never go back!! The final versions is awesome!

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After Obernai on June 9th and Deauville on June 21st, William Mennesson, a regular on the podiums for several years, won the 36th Embrunman, the Embrun “Ironman distance” triathlon, considered one of the most demanding and most prestigious of the world! There had been no French victory on this legendary race since 2011! Member of the Stade Français, William Mennesson goes from victory to victory on long distance triathlon, while having a good professional career that follows brilliant studies.

 Garance Blaut

Elite Athlète, with winged feet and an agile pen

Why do I use Unchain Lacing System?

This is the lacing system that I validate. I have it on all my running shoes. The biggest advantage is its perfect foothold! It does not make you feel that you have flabby shoes. On the contrary, you enjoy perfect support, as with traditional shoe laces, greater comfort in addition.


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For the past three years, Garance Blaut has been winning victories and places of honor: Duathlon Vice Champion of France and Champion in team, third at the World Championship of Duathlon, second at the Paris- Versailles race, she won the Garmin triathlon of Paris, the Adidas10 km of Paris, the 10km of Vincennes, the Ecotrail of Paris, the half Marathon of the Islands of the Indian Ocean… After graduating from one of the best French engineering school, Garance Blaut puts as much energy to try to safeguard water resources on earth as to shine on races. Her ironic wit and sense of humor are powerful stimulants for her training partners.

 Florian Guiter

Osteopathe, sports biomechanist

Why do I use Unchain Lacing System?

I was lucky to be able to test these silicone laces and I must say that they are very satisfying. Today I only run with hem. They offer a true foothold and a perfectly balanced tensioning around the foot. The foot is well held, without feeling too tight. Mechanically, they offer a real plus in terms of stress distribution, which makes the races easier. I highly recommend them!

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A graduate from the Higher School of Biomechanics Applied to Osteopathy (Osteobio) Florian Guiter has acquired his expertise by following the elite of youth rugby in France, the professional cycling team of the French Army or Triathletes of the French team.

 Yves Lardoux

Competitor, president of a table tennis club
manager of a shop selling table tennis equipment

Why do I use Unchain Lacing System?

Initially, out of curiosity and because I'm a bit sluggish : I tend not to undo my laces when removing my shoes, which does not do them any good. With Unchain Lacing System, the sensation is extraordinary : I put on and take off my shoes like a slipper. Not only do I save time, but the foothold is perfect and it offers me a bespoke and comfortable fit, even when the foot swells a little with the effort.
No more risk of falling with loosened laces. It's a real revolution!
After trying It fitted both my running shoes and my table tennis shoes.

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Banker for 15 years, professionally retraining for 9 months to live his passion : table tennis. President of a table tennis club for 8 years.



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