What benefits does Unchain Lacing System brings to you?

Knot free

BlocKnot™ is a patented technology that allows you to secure Unchain Lacing System™ without having to tie your shoes

Forget the loosened laces!

And it's also very handy if you have trouble leaning or knotting: pregnant women, seniors, children, injured or tired sportsmen.
You’ll love it!

No need to tie your laces!


Unchain ™ Lacing System follows your foot during its natural swelling while practicing sport. Thanks to its mechanical properties, combining carefully dosed flexibility and controlled stretching capacity, it eliminates all compression.

No more tightening and pains. Enjoy the comfort of a custom-made adjustment. After many tests, physiotherapists, chiropodists and osteopaths, have confirmed the beneficial effects of the Unchain ™ lacing system for the prevention of pathologies.

Discover an unparalleled comfort!

Perfect foothold

The Unchain ™ Lacing System offers a better control, no matter how hard you practice your sport. Forget everything you've experienced so far when tightening your shoes for your activity. Thanks to the specific properties of Unchain ™ Lacing System, you no longer need to tighten your laces to enjoy an optimal foothold

No matter your destination, the environment or the weather conditions, your shoes will stick to your feet

Make your life easier and save time every day. It has never been easier and faster to put on your shoes. Lift up the tongue and simply slide your foot into the shoe without effort

Without compression!


It has never been easier and faster to put on your shoes!

Lift up the tongue and simply slide your foot into the shoe without effort.

Make your life easier and save time every day.


The Lacing System is easy to install, like "basic" laces. Once installed on your sport shoes, setting will remain the same and will not vary even after hours of use. 

You only need to fasten once and never tie again!

No more risk of falling!

A single lacing is enough


Designed to do at least 3,000 kilometers.

Unchain Lacing System has been tested in all conditions for 3 years: snow, mud, ice, sand, rock, ice-cold, extreme-heat ... 

Up to this day, everything is fine and it seems like it will remain thus for a long time!

Stronger than you


The Unchain ™ lacing system is universal and designed to accompany you in ALL SPORTS. It fits a large majority of sports shoes

No matter your sport or level, the Unchain Lacing System™ is for you. Whether you run the city or hike ultimate trails, play football or reign in tennis. The Unchain Lacing System™ is a one-size-fits-all solution, so there’s no need to think about your shoelace size.

For all sports!


The Unchain ™ lacing system provides you precise and customizable adjustment so you can enjoy precise control of your foot with unmatched comfort. 

Find the right adjustment between each shoe eyelet by following the shape of your foot, without tightening, depending on your sensations and on the intensity of your physical activity. 

Micrometric adjustment for a perfect control


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