Citizens of the Rugby world, amateur or professional, veteran or junior, you are part of the forwards 5 or play rather midfield? Whatever your level, your age, or the position you play, you know the importance of shoes, for kicking or carrying the ball : there is no good Rugby players without good shoes, or good Rugby shoes without a good lacing system!


Wet or muddy terrain mostly, or dry and hard soils? No matter the surface: you must be explosive, fast, powerful and stable, with good support in all circumstances with your 15, 18 or 21 mm, molded or screwed cleats.


Your foot must be strong and precise, flexible and firm, according to the different phases of the game. You must be able to run, jump, change direction, kick the ball. For this, your shoes must ensure a good support and allow you to hang, with good traction, especially during the push phases, scrum, during mauls, or contests in the rucks. Even if you do not kick for your club, you also have to be able to kick down effectively.


But for all this, it is not enough to tighten your "classic" laces. You have to keep up till the end of the match or training session and you also need a minimum of comfort to be able to bear with your shoes, stay effective and not hurt yourself. Even with very good shoes, there are many rugby players who suffer from foot trauma.


Indeed the foot bears with many and repetitive constraints due to frequent changes of direction in full stroke, which generate pain syndromes affecting the osteo-tendino-ligamentous system- mainly of the back foot and the ankle- such as the metatarsalgia, plantar fascia, tendinitis ...


The absence of constriction of the foot by Unchain Lacing System limits the impact of repeated shocks of the foot, particularly hard on the compact ground and with 21mm cleats. Comfort increases, the risk of foot trauma decreases.


Unchain Lacing System allows you to benefit from excellent support, great stability with strong supports, and a perfect comfort, without constriction of the foot. During quick moves, the reactivity, the control and the balance of the supports are excellent and offer you a high-level of performance.


You do not lose grip and you gain speed and comfort. You always have optimal traction to be able to resist the tackles, and accelerate the attack, your kicking is still fine. The micrometric and durable adjustment as well as the quality of the silicone of Unchain Lacing System allow to accompany the natural swelling of your foot during the effort, thus eliminating any compression. Fine-tune Unchain Lacing System once and for all, without ever having to readjust it. Knot-free, it allows you to put on and take off your shoes in the blink of an eye. No knot to do = no knot that comes undone ... no knot to redo!


Last but not least, Unchain Lacing System is particularly resistant. During the tests we conducted with several rugby teams, we found that a violent cleats strike could, in a few rare cases, manage to break the silicone lace. The good news is that the lace that broke loose between the two eyelets on both sides of the break, still holds between the other eylets. The shoe remains at the foot and allows to continue to push or run for a while, and in any case, well beyond the end of the current action!


Try Unchain Lacing System, you will be converted!!

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