Discover the comfort and efficiency of a custom setting!


Libero, attacker, opposite spiker, setter, middle blocker, wing,  ... You practice one of the sports that requires the most movement from the player.


You must be dynamic for quick movements, accelerations, lateral movements. You must also be explosive, swift and stable, have a good foothold and great freedom of movement, as well as good support in all circumstances.


Whatever position you prefer to play, your level, your age, or your gender, indoor shoes are essential for you to practice volleyball.

It is thanks to them that your supports can be firm and strong, with a very good foothold, so that you are always stable on your supports in gym, on parquet or linoleum floors.

Your foot must be strong and precise, flexible and firm, according to the different phases of play.


But for your shoes to give you all that and more, it's not enough to just tighten your "classic" laces. You have to keep up till the end of the match or training session and you also need a minimum of comfort to be able to bear with your shoes, stay effective and not hurt yourself. 


The best shoe is therefore not enough if it is not associated with the best lacing system: Unchain Lacing System provides excellent foothold and exceptional comfort to your foot, when changes of direction and repeated races are numerous, and you must move quickly and accumulate many jumps.


Fine-tune Unchain Lacing System once and for all, without ever having to readjust it. Knot -free, it allows you to put on and take off your shoes in the blink of an eye.!

Your foot make one with your shoe!


For vivid players who like to give their best defending and swift to lively attack, Unchain Lacing System allows you to benefit from excellent foothold, great stability with strong supports and a perfect comfort, without compression of the foot. During your quick move, the reactivity, the control and the balance of the supports are excellent and offer you a high-level of performance.


Your pleasure to play is further increased: your feelings on the supports are very good, even better, for landings or changes of direction with acceleration. The very mobile players, those who jump serve, or the receivers who like to attacks quickly after a reception or a defense are addicted!


If you have shoes that are technically efficient but uncomfortable, by installing Unchain Lacing System, you'll be able to easily hold five sets with a perfect comfort, combined with exceptional support and stability that will turn your indoor shoes into a true slippers. And thus will make you smile!


Even with very good shoes, many volleyball players are victims of injury or foot trauma. Repetitive hyper-extensions, tensioning, traction, stretching, overloading, overtraining can affect the articulation of the foot.

Intense repetition of shocks and jumps can cause periostitis. The result is often intense pain and inflammations that sometimes force you to rest and be unavailable for your team.


The micrometric and durable adjustment and the quality of the silicone of Unchain Lacing System can accompany the natural swelling of your foot during exercise, eliminating constriction and giving you a better blood circulation. While wrapping and perfectly holding your foot, Unchain Lacing System allows you to feel better.


In combination with good footwear, the absence of foot compression by Unchain Lacing System limits the impact of repeated foot shocks, which are particularly harsh on hard terrain.


Unchain Lacing System also promotes better proprioception, which significantly reduces the frequency of ankle sprains, as well as tendinitis and minimizes the risk of injury.


With Unchain Lacing System, there is no knot to make and no knots that can break or knot to redo! This is obvious, but still good to remember: who has never complained of having to redo his laces at the worst moment, fallen, or even lost a point because of a knot undone?


Asking to fasten laces is not “game delay”; however, if tying one’s laces is used as a deliberate tactic of delay, the referee may impose a penalty for playing time.


Thanks to Unchain Lacing System, this risk disappears; your laces are set once and for all, without ever needing to adjust because there is no risk that they come undone.


If you play Wally Ball or Foot volley, enjoy all the benefits of Unchain Lacing System!


Finally for Beach Volley, obviously, we can not do much for you when you are barefoot on the sand ...! (You can not have everything ..!) But with Unchain Lacing System you can remove and put back your shoes in the blink of an eye before putting your foot on the sand. After the game, Unchain Lacing System is perfect for the recovery of tired feet and offers fashion addict an ideal tuning with its beautiful palette of 17 colors.


Discover the comfort of a custom settingTrailer, ultra-trailers, beginners or champions, the question of “good” lacing is one of the most debated at all levels of practice. 


Accurate, reliable, ultra-resistant, the custom-made and millimetric adjustment, eyelet per eyelet, of Unchain Lacing System offers you excellent foothold and perfect comfort, all along your trail. 


You no longer have to choose between foothold or comfort : no more  “black nails” because of a foot that taps at the end of the shoe on downhills.  


The quality of the silicone from Unchain Lacing System allows to accompany the natural swelling of your foot during the effort, thus eliminating any compression.  Your foot is well held, your heel does not take off the shoe and, even after tens of miles of trail, comfort is always there.  


You will have better proprioceptive and tactile sensations.  Adjust it once and for all, without the need to readjust : without  knot, Unchain Lacing System allows you to put on and take off your shoes in the blink of an eye.


Nothing more simple, therefore, than to remove a shoe in one second during the race, in order to get rid of unpleasant chippings, without even having to bend down!   


No knot to do = no knot that unravel = no knot to redo!




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