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Amateur or professional golfer, young or old, man or woman, all united by the love of the little white ball and looking for a better handicap : your foot is an essential tool, to adopt a correct and stable posture during the stance. Do not neglect it, because it also allows you to walk the golf course and on which rests a harmonious and flexible swing.

Golf shoes are of extreme importance as they connect your feet to the fairway.


The search for the ideal swing requires perfect ground support! It is therefore necessary that you feel at ease in your shoes. With your feet comfortable and stable, you optimize your swing and don’t let them interfere with your movements.


Obviously, the feet have a primordial role in the general posture.

Choosing golf shoes that suits you will not only help you improve your game but also minimize the risk of injury.


Remember that you travel between 6 and 10km for about 4 hours, when you complete those 18 holes!


Whatever their brand, as long as they suit you.

Your golf shoes must be, above all, comfortable, but also offer you good stability and sensation when shifting your weight during the swing.


This applies to multi-purpose shoes, with their little rubber studs as well as studded golf shoes, or even golf shoes with long studs, when they are not forbidden.


The technology used on the outsole should allow you to stay well connected to the ground, with great stability during the swing, whether it is a quick and ample motion with the driver, or a short and precise gesture with the sandwedge.



Discover the comfort of a custom settingTrailer, ultra-trailers, beginners or champions, the question of “good” lacing is one of the most debated at all levels of practice. 


Accurate, reliable, ultra-resistant, the custom-made and millimetric adjustment, eyelet per eyelet, of Unchain Lacing System offers you excellent foothold and perfect comfort, all along your trail. 


You no longer have to choose between foothold or comfort : no more  “black nails” because of a foot that taps at the end of the shoe on downhills.  


The quality of the silicone from Unchain Lacing System allows to accompany the natural swelling of your foot during the effort, thus eliminating any compression.  Your foot is well held, your heel does not take off the shoe and, even after tens of miles of trail, comfort is always there.  


You will have better proprioceptive and tactile sensations.  Adjust it once and for all, without the need to readjust : without  knot, Unchain Lacing System allows you to put on and take off your shoes in the blink of an eye.


Nothing more simple, therefore, than to remove a shoe in one second during the race, in order to get rid of unpleasant chippings, without even having to bend down!   


No knot to do = no knot that unravel = no knot to redo!

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